Arabs throws pipebombs and fires rockets on peacful pro-israeli demonstration

Update (2009-02-11, 00:32):
New video at YouTube, see below. 

This time the police was in better shape to handle the arabic mob that once again attacked our peacful pro-israeli demonstration in Malmö.

The police had sealed off the entire square, Stortorget, which I found odd, see below for my comments on that.

We were about 400-500 persons that showed up to show our support to Israel and its struggle against terrorism and arabic hate.

The arabs, that numbered about 100, where shouting ”allah ahkbar” as they normally do and showed their hate towards Israel and the Jews with different slogans. It didnt take long until they started attacking us, this time with homemade pipebombs and fireworks. The home made bombs were pretty powerful, as I stood not to far away when one of them exploded. According to what I heard, the police managed to arrest the ones that threw the bombs. However, they did not disperse the arab crowd which they should have done according to me. In total there were two pipebombs, two rockets and some glass bottles.

The bombs didnt reach into our crowd since the distance between us was larger than last time, but the rockets exploded over the heads of the peaceful pro-israel demonstration.

According to the commander of the police operation, the organizers of the manifestation wanted to seal the square off for security reasons. I, however, think that the point of the manifestation was lost whem no ”outsiders” could see or hear what we had to say. When you show support for something in public, you do that for a reason – for others to see and hear. This was not possible due to that the area was completely sealed of and the only ones that could hear us were the police and the hateful arab mob. The point of a public manifestation was lost in my opinion.

In any case, the manifestation could be completed due to a large police force were there to deal with the violent arabs.

The largest newspaper in the south, Sydsvenskan, did what the usually do and distort and bend the truth. The article title was ”Several arrested during Israel manifestation”. Thats pretty odd. The only ones arrested was the arabs, so the titel should have been ”Counterdemonstrators arrested during Israel manifestation” or something like that. They continue and write that

The expected violence did not occur

Was the reporters from Sydsvenskan not there when two rockets exploded and two bombs? If that’s not violence, what is?

The paper also first reported that the pro-israelis numbered at 200 and the arabs about 400, which is a lie. They than later changed those number to 400 pro-israelis and 200-300 pro-arabs.

Here is my video where you can see the bombs and rockets:

Another video where one of the rockets can be seen: