A state-funded organization, BRÅ, is taking part in the election campaign against the Sweden Democrats

In a democracy, normally, state funded organisations and authorities cannot, should not and are not allowed to take part in campaigning for or against any political party. To use tax money or the services provided by tax money to wage an election campaign is of course a big no-no in democracies, it smells of a banana republic, of misuse and of corruption.

Well, welcome to Sweden, 2010. The statistical bureau BRÅ (Brottsförebyggande rådet) is an authority that deals with statistics and research with regards to crime and prevention of crime. The political party Sweden Democrats, of which I am active, has for a long time pressed the fact that immigrants, especially non-european immigrants are grossly over-represented in violent crimes and especially rapes. This has been met with accusations of racism and a general denial from the established media and politicians and so, we presented a report on rapes for the year 2009.

We took a look at the rape convictions from ”tingsrätten” (first instance of our courts) for 2009 and found out that 48% of all rapes were imported rapes, that is, perpetrated by immigrants. For the more brutal rapes, ”grov våldtäkt” the number is as high as 64%. Quote from the report:

Last year, the group ”born abroad” constituted 14 percent of the Swedish population. The audited sentences for rape from 2009 shows an over-representation by as many as 48 percent of the rapists were born abroad. (This represents an increase compared data from 2005, which could point to the phenomenon is growing.) Within the category of aggravated rape, the figure was as much as 64 percent. In this study it was not possible possible to investigate the situation concerning second generation immigrants, but based on the proportions in BRÅ’s reports, and also a study of rapists surname, the assesment is that approximately 2/3 of all rapes in Sweden are committed by first and second generation immigrants.

The establishment, who are scared of the fact that the Sweden Democrats will most likely enter the Swedish parliament on September 19th, are panicking. So they call upon BRÅ to take part in the election campaign against the Sweden Democrats and make a ”counter-report”, in a desperate attemt to delegitimize our investigation. Thus, BRÅ – a state funded organization – is now an active part in the election debate and campaigning.

We will see what they produce in response in due time…

Democracies does not do that. Banana republic does that. Dictatorships does that. Not democracies. What does that make Sweden?

On rapes in Sweden

BRÅ both say that the number of rapes are increasing sharply, and that they are not increasing at all. It depends on who is saying what. If SD is saying that they are increasing, BRÅ says that that is not the case. They claim that the only thing changed is the ”willingness” to report a rape and that the laws has been adjusted so that more crimes are considered rape.

In the newspaper Dagens Nyheter, the BRÅ employe Klara Hradilova Selin says that:

That the number of rape complaints has increased does not necessarily mean that there actually are more rapes than before […] And even though people with immigrant backgrounds are more often suspected of the crime, factors such as social background, income and education more important than nationality […] In addition, research has shown that many wrongly identifies immigrants as suspects. They have a picture of the offenders should be dark-haired or have a certain origin.

Clearly, she says that the number of rapes are not increasing and that immigrants are not really more rape-prone than others. That makes the following statement, from the same person, a bit odd:

In Gefle Dagblad, she says that:

Rapes where the woman is unknown or very superficially acquainted with the offender has begun to be reported more frequently but there is also a real increase…

And on SVT (state TV-channel) say says that:

That the number of reported rapes has increased so significantly in a short time can not be explained by regulatory changes and increased willingness to report the crime. Scientists believe that certain types of rape may indeed have become more common…

Professor Sten Levander, a member of BRÅ:s scientific board, said in the tabloid Aftonbladet (2002-04-05) that:

It is a disaster everywhere on BRÅ. The reports that they do is filtered, they are censoring. BRÅ’s mission is to serve the government with research and knowledge. They do not. BRÅ is instead providing the requested information that was ordered by the Minister of Justice and the justice department.

[This is in part a translation of Mattias Karlsson blog post, in Swedish here]

Aftonbladet HN

2 reaktioner på ”A state-funded organization, BRÅ, is taking part in the election campaign against the Sweden Democrats

  1. Mats Dagerlind skriver:

    Hur BRÅ vinklar statistiken med politiskt korrekta utgångspunkter och för att ge beställaren den sanning han vill ha är något som uppmärksammas alltför sällan. Det är en sak att de politiska partierna selekterar när de redovisar statistik i debatten men statistiken ska naturligtvis inte vara färdigfiltrerad redan från BRÅ eller statens utredningstjänst.

    Jag skrev för två år sedan en debattartikel för SD-Kurien om en annan påtagligt vinklad BRÅ-rapport. Den artikeln finns att läsa här:


    Lite vid sidan av ämnet kanske men… ”vårt land är en skadskjuten kråka” sjöng Linus Bylund i en lätt egenmäktig men träffsäker tolkning av Mikael Wiehes låt. Jag har gjort en liten illustration till den strofen här:

  2. Luigi skriver:

    I’m not Swedish, but I’m voting SD this coming election. The reasons? SD is the only party that has a clear view of what Islam really is. Second, I’m an ardent defender of Israel – and the SD is not afraid of being a friend of Israel and the Jewish people. Furthermore, I absolutely despise political correctness – of any kind. The Swedish Democrats are honest. Long live the SD!

    P.S. I can’t vote for the riksdagen, of course, but I can vote for the Lunds kommun. SD has got my vote. By the way, if non-Swedes can become members of the party, I surely will become one of them.



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