Muslimsk antisemitism i Tyskland – judisk dansgrupp attackerades med stenar

Jag läser på Islam in Europe hur ett gäng muslimer, från Libanon, Irak, Iran och Turkiet kastade stenar och skrev ”ut med judarna”. Den judiska dansgruppen tvingades lämna scenen. Det verkar också varit en planerad attack då muslimerna redan från början hade stenar i fickorna.

Members of a Jewish dance troupe were pelted with stones and insulted during a neighborhood festival in Sahlkamp, Hannover (Germany).


A dance troupe of the Liberal Jewish Community in Hannover was pelted with stones and insulted on Saturday during a district festival. After correlating pictures, 30 children and teenagers of mostly Lebanese, Palestinian, Iraqi, Iranian and possibly also Turkish origin, were involved in throwing pebbles and calling insults at the eight adult dancers. The Jewish folklore group were forced to leave the stage […]

There are conflicting reports about the exact chain of events. It appears that the provocation began immediately when the group got on the stage. A young person with a megaphone shouted ”Jews, out”, another threw the first pebble. While the audience rebuked those disturbing, more young people aged 12-16, all together half a dozen, got up and also started throwing stones. Later, around 20 children, boys and girls, joined in. The situation calmed several minutes after the dancers left the stage, and social workers called for restraint.

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