The truth is liable to prosecution in Sweden

Skånepartiets poster

Skånepartiets poster

This blog and ”Jihad in Malmö” as well as several newspapers reported that Skånepartiets party chairman Carl P Herslow is being charged with ”incitement to racial hatred” after he was on the town square in Malmö with a picture of Muhammad and 6-year-old Aisha.

The image stems from the generally accepted fact in Islam that Muhammad married a 6-year-old girl and raped her at 9-years old. The image, which can be seen here on the left, is therefore something that is described in the Islamic texts about Muhammad – the muslims primary role model. How this ”profet” lived is something that muslims strive to live by, as he is ”the perfect man” according to their beliefs.

That Mohammed sexually assaulted young children is therefore no secret (read the hadith on jihad in Malmö). Yet JK chooses to prosecute him for incitement to racial hatred (”hets mot folkgrupp”).

Put that in relation to what went down in the mosque at ”Medborgarplatsen” in Stockholm. The mosque sold anti-Semitic tapes in 2005 – Jews were compared to monkeys, pigs and diseases, and that the ”Final Solution” for Jews was a ”jihad” – holy war.

”O Allah, annihilate the Jews, O Allah, annihilate the Jews! O Allah curse them and expulsions them and let them whipped with suffering. O Allah, of heaven and earth! ”

Then Justice Chancellor at the time, Göran Lambertz, began a preliminary investigation on the incitement of hatred, but decided to close the case on the grounds that the ties were ”very critical of the Jews” but otherwise there was no violation of Swedish law.

So, in Sweden today, you can prosecute a man for telling an established truth that is openly described in Islamic texts, but to prosecute Muslims call for the murder of Jews is not hate speech according to the Chancellor.

The selling of audio tapes where you incite the mass murder of Jews is of course something different than publicly showing what Muhammed did. The first should be criminalized and the second shouldn’t. But instead Sweden acts just the opposite.

Why? The answer is simple. This time it’s the Muslims who feel ”wronged”. No threats of violence were expressed, no lies have been said – only a presentation of Muhammad’s life.

The truth is liable to prosecution in Sweden, 2010.

10 reaktioner på ”The truth is liable to prosecution in Sweden

  1. j.p.christiansen skriver:

    Call For Resistance.

    You are a member of a free society,
    having inherited freedom of expression,
    freedom of thought, and freedom of word,

    and yet you sit back with a bemused smile
    on your surprised, peaceful face,
    when a fellow citizen-artist-lecturer
    presents his case of why you are free,
    and what it means to be so,

    when he is suddenly interrupted to silence,
    and physically attacked by ‘certain others’
    from a culture unappreciative of freedom…

    ‘certain others’ living at your society’s largesse…
    ‘certain others’ you met with open arms
    and a welcome to your land of refuge
    from political and religious tyranny…

    ‘certain others’ who now pay you back
    with psychological and physical intimidation,
    and even attacks on your fellow citizens.

    You sit in your chair, paralyzed,
    and hypnotized at the strange proceedings
    taking place in front of your eyes,
    and you do nothing to defend your rights…
    you do nothing to defend his right to express!

    He draws a cartoon of a deranged ‘prophet’-
    he speaks of sanctioned pedophilia-
    he shows a picture of woman, enslaved-
    he caricaturizes the inanities of Islam,

    all to enlighten you and to warn you,
    that unless you stand up to defend the freedom
    for which our precious, secularized Western democracies
    have sacrificed lives down through centuries,
    you will be lulled to sleep and surrender.

    It is the duty of freedom-loving citizens
    to be aware of those ‘certain others’
    who plant themselves in an audience
    only to wait for the moment of attack,
    and you must be aware of the possibility
    that you may be called upon to defend
    that which your fellow freedom-loving
    citizen-artist-lecturer present to you,

    and this means that if you attend
    such a lecture on freedom,
    that you must be ready to physically
    defend his personal safety and integrity,
    and thereby make a statement of your own
    commitment to our principles of freedom.

    Are you ready to make that statement,
    and when the trouble starts in front of you,
    are you ready to commit yourself?

    If those ‘certain others’ see violence
    as a way to force their religious dogma
    on you and your society,
    are you ready to meet force with force,
    and are you ready to stand up for freedom?

    You may say that it is the job of the police
    to protect and serve and prosecute,
    but the police won’t always be present
    when those ‘certain others’ decide to attack,
    and so it is incumbent upon you to be the
    defender, the server, the prosecutor,
    and make the sacrifice for your children.

    If you remain silent and un-protective
    of those who dare speak the case for freedom,
    your children will ask: “And what did you do?”

  2. April from USA skriver:

    Sweden, please do not give in to the political correctness of ”not offending” the Muslims! Why is this man being prosecuted for simply telling the TRUTH AND FACTS about Islam? The Muslims are hellbent on controlling the world and it will not be tolerated! Speak up now before they completely overrun your country! Support Geert Wilders — a man of courage and integrity!

  3. April from USA skriver:

    Check out: The founder and president, Brigette Gabriel was a Muslim and was born in Lebanon and now lives in the US. She is spreading the word on radical Islamists. As an American, I’m fed up with the political correctness of possibly offending some Muslims, yet they can spew all the hatred and threats they want and nobody says or does a thing. ”President” Obama is a disgrace is so many ways, but especially in kowtowing to the Muslims. But then again, he is one!

  4. abu Lahab skriver:


    Have a look to

    (which is the improvment of the other, once based in Tunisia).

    There is thousands of texts (around 20 000) about the origins of islam, with a critical, humanist, democratic and scientific view (and even ironical). It is now the bigger ”sourcebook” on that subject, with often unpublished documents: Muhammad biographies (SIRA), the main books of traditions (HADITH) , muslim chronicles (TABARI…), companions biographies (TABAQAT), quranic verses, quranic commentaries (TAFSIR). It is sometimes funny, or stupid, ugly, frightening, but always interesting!

    A new version is now available, improved and corrected: around 3700 pages. We are working for a new version published every year.

    All is in french. so sorry. but you need to read it to understand muslim thinking and acts. It is a rare opportunity to reach genuine information from islamic doctrinal texts.

    Now, you won’t tell again: we just don’t know…

    Bye. Take care.

  5. JT skriver:

    It used to be that we were free to speak the truth, or simply our opinions, however errant they might be, without fear of punishment from the state. But somewhere, over the past 20? years the state has assumed the position of Arbiter of Discourse and has decidedly determined that it is the values of preferred minorities that are to be protected.

    What this action does is enable the dysfunctional and non-assimilating immigrant to maintain the fiction that his views are sacrosanct and that all other parties must accede to his proclivities. No longer will the people be able to determine the language of the market place. Laizzes faire is not to be applied there. Instead, it is the elite and the bureaucrat who decide what is appropriate speech and, consequently, ”What is truth.”

    I wonder what Pontius Pilate would say.


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