Gästinlägg: The situation in Denmark

It is three o clock in the afternoon, the murmur in the small, dark pub is low. A young man slowly lifts his hand, and places it, with a soft motion, on his bald head. With a flicker of his eyes, he looks out of the stained window.

High screams are heard outside, tyres floating over the cold tar, making screaming sounds. A van stops outside the door, and five men jumps, with haste, out of the van. High, guttural sounds are heard from beneath the close fittings masks. Words in arabic. The man in front grips his machingun in a feirce grip, flicking up the safety hatch. He yells another word in arabic, and as one animal the five men run towards the pub.

Inside the pub, the baldheaded tries to jump up from his chair, bot to no avail, he falls like a puppet over the table. With frantic movements, he tries to lift himself for the floor. The door to the pub is booted in, and a masked man emerges from the entrance. With a step, he enters the pub, throws his head with fast motions from side side, looking for something. In an instance his eyes are caught by the baldheaded man on the floor. He grips his gun, puts it to his shoulder, in a fast a motion, and begins to squeeze the trigger. The man at the floor, somehow feels the danger, and throws himself, with a powerful motion, behind the fallen table. The trigger is pulled, and a volley of bullets are pumped out of the machinegun, making a pearlstring of holes in the floor, in the fallen table, and in the chin of the baldheaded man. He flips over, mortally wounded, another victim of the multicultural society.

This is a true story from Denmark.

How it come to this, and what the current situation?

Let us start with the situation.

Nobody knows exactly how many immigrants there are in Denmark. The public statistics are very untruhtfull. But unofficial statistics claim that there are at least 600.000 muslims in Denmark maybe more, maybe less. This is out of a population of 5.500.000.

The effect on the country is manifold, some good things can be pointed at; as cheap grocery stores and good kebabs, but the disadvantage is much more that the advantage.

There are two mainproblems in the soceity right now. The first problem is growing criminality. It is within all fields of criminality; rape, theft, killings, taxfraud, drugs on and on. The criminal offenders are fighting over territories, money and honour. The criminality is mainly focused on the immigrant neighbourhoods like nørrebro, Brøndby, Taastrup. Ghettoes of immigrants, often out of control. It is everywhere in Denmark, even small cities have their part of the fun.

Secondly, the extreme criminal behavour is mixed up with islamic radical preachers fishing in stirred waters. The mosques are often under cover businesses done in small houses hidden in backyards. There are many violent fractions of islamic organizations; Hamas, Milli Gürus, Hizb-ut- tahrir. Many of the preachers are openly calling for the killing of jews and gays.

The politicians seem to be absolutely ignorant of the situation. They simply do not have a clue. One of the most outspoken critiques of the socialist, Mr. Søren Pind, flauntered his ignorance on Islam at a meeting in the Free Speech society a few days ago. We have Mr. Naser Khader who is a muslim immigrant, and has been an outspoken critisizer of the lack of knowledge in the political system. But even he seems a little fishy. When he has a chance to really do something, he backs off.

Within media. The situation is just as horrendous. The people who actually know something are often villified. Mr. Lars Hedegaard, the chairman of the Free Speech Society is stigmatized by the leading commentators of the newspaper Berlingske Tidende, a newspaper he used to write for. Public critisizm of the islamization is held at a very tight leach. My experience, as a writer, and a philosopher, has been truly depressing. The massmedia is like a wall of silence, no cracks in the wall for the islamic critical philosopher.

All in all a situation spiralling absolutely out of control. The violence is growing daily, the oppression of the critical intellectuals are tightened, and the state is in deep despair, not knowing what to do.

Some philosophers say, that after democracy comes tyranny, because people elect the tyrant to clean up the lawlessness that is the backside of the beautiful coin of democracy. I really fear that the strong man will soon emerge, if the state does not cope with problems.

Let us hope, that the state manages, otherwise little Denmark will spell illfortune for Europe.

Asger Trier Engberg



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