Intervju med Nicolai Sennels

Gates of Vienna har hittat en intervju med Nicolai Sennels på HommaForum, en dansk psykolog som skrivit boken ”Bland kriminella muslimer”, där Nicolai berättar om sitt liv och hans arbete vad gäller islam och de kriminella personer som är muslimer.

Jag hade nöjet att lyssna på Nicolai på en konferens i Köpenhamn förra året och han kommer också föreläsa här i Sverige i samband med anti-islamiseringsmötena som äger rum runt om i landet under detta år. Här är ett stycke ur den, men det rekommenderas att läsa hela =)

Well, after working for several years with both Danish and Muslim children and teenagers, it was very clear to me that there are certain very deep psychological differences between these two cultures. These differences are without doubt so deep that Muslims will have to leave many of their core values behind if they are to integrate in our societies and feel Danish, Finnish, German, etc.

As a psychologist with special knowledge about criminality and foreigners I was invited by Copenhagen’s mayor of integration to participate in a conference on integration at the city hall. The discussion was about criminal foreigners, foreigners and integration, foreigners and terror, foreigners and parallel societies, etc. I got irritated about the way the discussion went, because everybody generalized all foreigners as if they came from the same culture. I argued that the main part of the problematic foreigners have Muslim background and that we should discuss the meaning of culture when trying to find causes and solutions. This was far too strong for both the mayor and most of the people attending the conference. Another discussion at the conference was that we should try to help criminal foreigners find peace in their life by inviting them to become more religious. Here I reminded the mayor and the others about the many passages in the Quran that actually bid Muslims to do criminal acts — and that several Mosques in Copenhagen are known to be very extremist. Again this was more than the politicians could handle.

I have later debated with the mayor of Copenhagen on my blog “The Cultural Cleft” on Jyllands-Posten. I started the debate because he promised to pay for the Muslims’ religious festivals if they helped him get reelected at the local elections on November 17th. He — by the way — did not get reelected. The new mayor, Klaus Bondam, is unfortunately an even worse choice. Since he is a homosexual and wears makeup, I guess he will have a hard time communicating with the Muslim society.



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