Hizbollah med kemiska och biologiska vapen

Enligt Debka har terrororganisationen Hizbollahnu kemiska och biologiska vapen, som de planerar att anfalla Israel med:

The Kuwaiti daily Al-Siyassa reported Thursday, Sept. 3, that chemical
weapons were stored in the hidden Hizballah arms warehouse which blew
up at Hirbet Salim near the Israeli border in mid-July. Of the 11
Hizballah operatives killed in the blast, 3 died of chemical poisoning.


European intelligence sources reported on Sept. 1, that Hizballah had
recently boosted its military capabilities with a supply of chemical
shells and short-range missiles with chemical warheads and was about
to receive biological weapons as well.

Dessa muslimska terrorister kommer givetvis inte ge sig, utan deras ultimata mål är att utplåna Israel och döda så många judar de kan. Men givetvis rapporteras det ingenting om detta i svensk media.