NGO-Monitor om svensk bistånd till araberna

En rapport som kan vara värd att läsa som rör svensk bistånd till araberna i Israel finns att läsa här.

On July 1, 2009 Sweden assumes the presidency of the European Union. As this detailed report indicates, Sweden’s role in funding numerous highly politicized NGOs fuels the conflict, rather than advancing the stated goals of promoting peace, democracy and development.


As NGO Monitor’s analysis reveals, the Swedish government funds NGOs that pursue Palestinian political goals under the guise of “human rights” and “international law,” and demonize Israel with the inflammatory rhetoric of “apartheid,” “ethnic cleansing,” and “massacres.” In addition to compounding Israeli mistrust of the role of the EU, which stems in part from support for NGOs that exclusively promote a Palestinian agenda and engage in biased anti-Israel activities, the delegitimization of Israel contradicts Sweden’s stated goals for the region. In order to play a positive role as a European leader in assisting the constructive change necessary to end the Arab-Israeli conflict, Sweden’s NGO funding practices and priorities will need to change.