Rapport: Inga israeliska brott

En rapport från Center for Strategic and International Studies menar att det inte finns något som pekar på  att israeliska brott har skett i kriget mot terrororganisationen Hamas. I sammanfattningen skriver de att

The analysis reveals impressive improvements in the readiness and capability of the Israeli Defense Forces since the fighting against the Hezbollah in 2006. It also indicates that Israel did not violate the laws of war. It did deliberately use decisive force to enhance regional deterrence and demonstrate that it  had restored its military edge.  These, however, are legitimate military objectives in spite of their very real humanitarian costs. 

Rapporten tar också upp den ganska efterblivna diskussionen i media vad gäller ”proportionalitet” och krigföring mot organisationer som gömmer sig bland civila:

The laws applying to targeting are ambiguous or dysfunctional in humanitarian terms. Some buildings like schools merit special consideration, but only require review to determine whether they are really military targets. Hospitals require warning but are not protected if used by an enemy.

De kommenterar det faktum att Hamas och liknande organisationer struntar helt och totalt i ”kriget lagar”, till skillnad från Israel. Ett faktum är att de som inte följer t.ex. Genevekonventionen åtnjuter inte heller dess skydd:

More broadly, such laws and conventions do not bind or restrain non-state actors like Hamas in any meaningful way, and they cannot determine perceptions of the legitimacy of given tactics or means of fighting by non-state actors. In most cases, non-state actors also have ideologies that they believe and declare override most or any restraints imposed  by international law. Israel  labels groups like Hamas as ”unlawful” or ”unprivileged combatants” for these reasons.

The end result is a situation where one side can potentially be limited by international law where the other is not, and that effectively makes international law a potential weapon for the side that rejects and exploits it. It is also a situation that empowers and incentivizes extremists to use civilians as the equivalent of human shields by embedding their forces in civilian populations and areas, and using sensitive buildings like mosques and schools or collocating near them. There is nothing new about such tactics. They also affected much of the fighting in Iraq and now affect the fighting in Afghanistan. Their impact, however, is far more apparent in a densely populated area like Gaza. 

Rapporten pekar också på att Israel inte uppnådde sina mål, då raketerna fortsätter att skjutas från Gaza. Felet som Israel gjorde, igen, var att inte fortsätta offensiven mot Hamas. Hade de gått djupare och snabbare hade man kunnat helt slå ut Hamas stridande styrkor och en gång för alla stoppa vapensmugglingen och raketbeskjutningen.


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