”hopefully it will turn into an arab city shortly”

Jag hittade följande arabiska text på ett forum där de kommenterar vår manifestation för Israel i söndags och deras angrepp på densamma.


Översättning från arabiska (min fetmarkering nedan):

This video contains our demonstration yesterday the 25 th of january in the city of malmo when a small number of friends of israel gathered in which was claimed that israel had a right to defend its citizens and on the other side over 1000 people and i wished there were even more because here in this city we are thousands anyway/ so what appeared in the film they are satisfied with the police handling and told them to stay away and leave immediately and we all screamed from our hearts filled with agony and in front of our eyes were the pictures of the victims and the martyrs in gaza and we hope we will do more and more
I kommentarer och dialog som följer står det bland annat att
greetings from our brothers in malmo
malmo is located in the south of sweden near denmark in which many arabs and moslems
hopefully it will turn into an arab city shortly
then they had links to the demonstration in duisburg and the flag of israel in the window that was removed and they are proud that the flag was removed and they send the link of the video to show their victory in germany

Jag undrar hur många som fortfarande anser att den importerade mångkultur, som de 7 riksdagspartierna är ansvariga för, fungerar?

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