Swedish Police Chief Allows Antisemitic Stonethrowing Mob To Attack Demonstrators

Update (2009-01-26)
New video from the Malmö-demonstration (video taken by someone what wants to be anonymous). You can clearly hear the arabs chanting ”Hitler hitler hitler!”. See at the bottom for the new video!

The Twingly-service, that lists blogs that link to an article in a newspaper, at first showed my blog posts about the demo. Now, all Twingly-links to the newspaper Sydsvenskan have been removed. Why?
Video uploaded, and there is english subtitles!
Dont miss what the chief of police in Malmö says about their actions in the video clip.

A pro-israeli demonstration was held today in Malmö, Sweden. Well, we tried to do it but this was what happend:

The incompetent Swedish police had already corned us of from the rest of the square when I got there. We were, as usual, peaceful and calm but the pro-arabic mob that was there was as usual not.

The police let the arabist be very close to our manifestation – only about 20 meters away – which of course led to physcial assaults, verbal threats and a lot of hatful chanting. According to Swedish law, the police cannot allow others to interrupt or interfere with a legal demonstration such as ours. This the police ignored and let the hateful threats and chants increase. It didnt take long until the first stone was thrown by the arabs.

Several police officers approach me and asked me to stop filming. They said that I was ”provocing” the others. Funny, apparently they werent provoking us when the were filming (which they were), apparently I am the provoker – not them – when they threw glass bottles, stones and fireworks at us.

How did the police react when the first stone was thrown? They didnt. No action, no nothing. Then more stones were thrown, the eggs started raining down on us. Meanwhile, the police stood silent and did nothing. The electricity to our speakers were cut by the arabists – the police didnt do very much. Then glass bottles started to be thrown into our crowd and it is just pure luck that no one got seriously hurt. A girl got hit on the arm. Not long after that they started to throw fireworks at us, as can be seen in the video below.

What did the police do when these attacks were being executed by the arabs? Nothing at first, then they decided to remove us from the square!

Let me say that again – the police removed us,  who had a permit to be there. We were not hostile or attacking anyone. But instead of removing them, who didnt have a permit, they removed us.

I spoke with the chief of police, Ulf Sempert, who was there and asked him why they didnt act on the mob. His answer, as can be heard in the video that I will post here soon, is that they have a right to be there. Apparently, that right is only for pro-arabist who attacks others. We didnt get that right, since they shipped us away.

The Swedish police is crap, to put it bluntly. They have caved in to aggressive muslims, they have caved in to violence. It is now shown that violence will work better than peaceful manifestations.

The new video where you can hear them chant ”Hitler hitler hitler!” (30 seconds in)

More video kan be seen here:

Newsmill Sydsvenskan