Peace manifestation verus hate propaganda

Today I participated in a pro-israeli manifestation for peace in Copenhagen, Denmark. The number of participants reported in Swedish newspapers is 250, but that is an understatement. My estimate is close to 1000.

Our manifestation was peacful, calm and the message was PEACE! Speaker after speaker talked about peace and coexistence and the crowd cheered as they said it.

On the other side of Rådhusplatsen there was a  pro-arabic demonstration. The message coming from them was something quite different. Instead of advocating for peace the arabs shouted only about hatred and death! They mainly chanted in arabic, but some parts were in Danish and then you can clearly hear their wish to kill all the Jews.

The first video sequence is from our manifestation – peaceful and calm with a message of PEACE! As you can see and hear, everyone applaudes when they speak of peace and co-existence. Look at the contrast between the two movie clips…

Here is the next clip – the hateful arabs. Notice the difference between the pro-israelis and the pro-arabs.

In the beginning of the clip you can hear them chant ”down down Israel, down down USA, down down democrazy, down down Denmark”
41 seconds in you can see one of them doing the Nazi-salute. No one tells him off.
1 min and 10 seconds in you can see them say ”we want to kill all Jews, all Jews should be killed, they dont have a right to exist”

Here we have a little bit of what they are chanting in arabic translated:

Araibc: Khaybar Khaybar ya yahud, jaysh Muhammad sawfa yaud!
English: Khaybar Khaybar, Oh Jews! The army of Muhammad will return!

JihadWatch explains the story of Khaybar:

As I explain in my book The Truth About Muhammad, Muhammad led a Muslim force against the Khaybar oasis, which was inhabited by Jews — many of whom he had previously exiled from Medina. … (read more)

I asked the commanding officer of the Danish police if it is legal in Denmark to incite hatred and murder towards Jews. He answered:

No, but we are not going to do anything about it…

The other police officers said the same thing.

It is very quiet about this in the newspapers and TV. I havent heard or seen anything in Swedish media about these antisemitic slogans. Danish TV channl 2 showed the Nazi salute briefly, without comment.

The Danish online newspaper 180Grader does show my video on their website:

Heilende anti-israelere: Alle jøder skal dræbes

If you are looking at YouTube, klick on the ”high quality” link to see the clips in higher resolution.

I will add all the raw footage to YouTube soon.